Food, glorious food.

Went with Tomo and his friend Yoshisa to a place called ‘Na Be Zo’ for the first real japanese meal. We ate Sukiyaki.

There’s a bowl of hot soupish/oilish/something on a stove in the middle of the table. There’s a stack or trays filled with pork and beef (slooooooberrrrr) on one side. And there’s 3 pots of (spicey by tokyo-standards)'s/sauses. Pork. Chopstick. Boil. Spam sauce. Eat. Repeat-for-two-hours.

Yes, two hours. Eat as much as you can in two hours. Though there we took breaks to drink. And order more. Heaven.

They also tought us some Japanese:

“Anata wa kawaii desu”

Translations would give you a hint about the waitress.

“ii ne”

And the rest got drown in sake.

Thennnnn today. Went to a second hand cycle-shop suggested by Huw. Chose a cycle. Chose a head lamp. Got a lock. Took the money out. Couldnt spell my name in Katakana (one of the japanese scripts), so I couldnt register. Came home. It was Tom’s (alice’s brother’s birthday). Skylar had done the cooking. Great stuff… Takoyaki - way better than the road side stuff we had on one of the first days here.

Skylar then took me for a cycle ride. So a decent amount of Ota-ku (where i stay) nd the surrundings. Bars, clubs and brothels. Cheap super markets and the video game parlours. To bed then! 2:46 AM

So much to do and so few hours in a day. Tokyo, ii ne!